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Massive benefits fraud

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Sonn Macmillan Walker acted for Adrian Radu who was jointly accused with a number of others of having conspired to fraudulently claim almost �1m in benefits. The prosecution case was that the defendants were Romanian nationals and were therefore not entitled to claim benefits in the UK.Mr Radu pleaded guilty to one fraud offence and was later released from gaol having spent only 6 months in custody. The case reached the front page of The Sun on two consecutive days.

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Acquitted of fraud

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Sonn Macmillan Walker respresented a client at Bournemouth Crown Court who was acquitted of committing fraud by misrepresentation. He had worked for an Insurance Company and was in the process of leaving the firm. Around the time he was leaving he sent three emails from his employers account to his home address, in contravention of his contract of employment. These emails were given personal titles in the subject matter but contained highly sensitive documents from his employer relating to clients and insurance premiums. The prosecution alleged that he intended to cause gain to himself or loss to his former employer by using this information within the period of his 12 month restraint of trade clause. Chris Stevens was the solicitor who dealt with our client.

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London Riots press coverage

Sonn Macmillan Walker are instructed by a number of clients charged with offences arising from the London Riots. Actions of some of our clients have been widely reported in the national press. Such has been the nature of some of the reporting we have contacted the office of the Attorney General to express concern and ask that guidance is issued on the reporting these matters.

Eleanor Scarlett has been quoted in the national press while representing Chelsea Ives, an Olympics Ambassador. The Times reported, ‘Ms Ives solicitor, Eleanor Scarlett made no bail application but said that she had written to the Attorney-General asking him to remind media organisations of the need for ‘fair and accurate’ reporting.

More information about the London Riots here:

London Riots

7/7 Inquests

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The Inquests into the July 7 bombings commenced on 11 October 2010. 52 people were murdered on London transport by four suicide bombers. The Coroner, Lady Justice Hallett, investigated the circumstances of their deaths and whether it was possible that some or all of the deaths could have been prevented. Sonn Macmillan Walker acted for a number of families of the deceased and had a team working full time on the preparation of the matter. The Inquests concluded in May 2011 with the Coroner making a number of recommendations.

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Action Dropped in Police Baton Injury Case

The criminal solicitor, Sonn Macmillan Walker, obtained an acquittal for Robert Mortimer who was prosecuted for violent disorder following a large disturbance in August 2009 t a West Ham v Millwall fixture. In the course of the incident that followed the match it was not disputed that Mortimer was batoned to the head by a police officer. Pictures of Mortimer lying on the ground bleeding profusely were included in the nationwide coverage of the incident.

The criminal lawyer, David Sonn, said, ‘It took the police and CPS 18 months from the date on which my client was charged to acknowledge that the police footage of the incident contradicted the witness statements of four police officers. Our client should never have been prosecuted in the first place.’

Mr Mortimer funded his case privately and the Court ordered that his costs should be paid from central funds.

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